A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Sacrifice innocents to save your ass, because if you don’t then who will save them?

The sounds are licenced by GameDev Market. You cannot use them outside of the game. They are only included so that the project runs properly.


MIP_linux.zip 47 MB
MIP_windows.zip 46 MB
MIP_mac.zip 59 MB
MIP_source.zip 77 MB


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Really interesting mechanic. It helps tremendously that sometimes the kid accidentally falls into the monsters' mouth and they eat them right away, saves a lot of time for shooting. The children AI is fantastic, as a programmer I really appreciate that. A setback in this game for me personally is that while the platforming is of great help in combat, it doesnt add value for the navigation in the game (in the beginning, or sometimes you just have to platform for no obvious reason). I also wished that there was an indication for how long the monster eats the kid, also I think they eat the kids too fast. If you think about it, each monster needs 2 consecutive shots to kill, and the kids are not always around, maybe a longer digesting time would be a great tweak. Otherwise, characters are animated, all the feedback are there, sound effects are on point, there is a narrative in the game, that's a lot to accomplish in 3 days. Great work!

A child takes 1 second to digest. Adult takes 2. Fatman takes 4. Thanks for playing! :)

In the heat of the combat, I most of the time shoot whatever I have :joy: