This tool can be helpful in choosing colors for your project. It works nice as a complementary tool to tools like I Want Hue.

The way it works is that it iteratively tries to space out the colors as far from each other as possible.

For instance, you can add all your main UI or terrain colors to hopefully find good colors that will be easily distinguishable on the screen.

Keep in mind, I am not very knowledgeable in color theory. Constructive feedback wecome!



ADD COLORS - add large number of color slots.

RANDOMIZE - set a random color to all slots that are not locked.

PAUSE - stop the algorithm. All colors will cease to change. Recommended for making big manual changes.

SORT BY HUE - sort colors by hue (h in CIELCh) one time.

SORT BY L* - sort colors by percieved lightness (L* in CIELAB) one time.

SORT BY PICKING ORDER - sort colors in somewhat preferrable order of using them. When you don't know how many colors exactly you are going to need, pick colors one by one in this order. For instance when you can have from 1 to 128 players in the game, this order will let you choose smaller number of more distinct colors while only turning to the full densely packed 128 pack as last resort. Locked colors are always first as you want to start with colors most different from locked colors.

EXPORT COLORS - open the export dialog.

STABILITY - dark red stability means the algorithm is far from reaching a stable state, dark green means it is close to reaching a stable state and bright green means the algorithm is unlikely to improve results.


+ - add button. Add next color slot.

Click on a color slot to change its color manually.

Lock button - lock the color slot. Locked color slots will not be changed by the algorithm. Very useful for defining your UI and background colors so that you can then find colors that won't blend in with them.

Delete button - delete color slot.

Limit Color Space:

Limits the color space the algorithm will operate in. Very useful for avoiding for instance oversaturated colors.

HUE - limit color hue h in the CIELCh color space.

SATURATION - limit color saturation C in CIELCh color space. Recommended max saturation <= 90 because oversaturated colors are ugly.

LIGHTNESS - limit color lightness L in CIELCh color space.

Export dialog:

GENERATE FROM UNLOCKED COLORS - omit locked colors in export. Very useful for omitting your UI and background colors, especially with the PICKING ORDER sorting.

GENERATE FROM ALL COLORS - generate exports with all colors from the slots.


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really cool! I have the hardest time picking colors for a color palette